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Ultimate Health Care Solutions is a premier STNA Ohio training facility. Located at 611 S. Hamilton Rd., Whitehall, we offer classes for State Trained Nurse’s Aide (aka CNA), phlebotomy, EKG, CPR, first aid, AED, and home health aide. Additionally, we offer state certification testing onsite that qualifies you to gain employment in your chosen medical career field. Please read the information below for details about our STNA and other training classes.

In today’s swiftly increasing healthcare sector, state tested nursing aides (STNA/CNAs) are in huge demand. If you are prepared to take that step into a fulfilling, long-term career, Ultimate Health Care Solutions, Inc. (UHCS) is devoted to taking that journey with you. We provide our STNA certification training classes in Columbus, OH.

Our contemporary, well-lit classrooms offer you hands-on experience in a true patient care environment where we lead you through every part of the learning process. At UHCS, our STNA class instructors are meticulously selected from Ohio’s healthcare sector. They understand firsthand what STNAs need to learn to not only pass the state board certification exam but also how to prepare students for the reality of becoming an STNA.

In a small number of days, we will provide you with the necessary hours of training mandatory for your certification. After your training, you can take your certification exam and then use our assistance to help you into a new career. Pick us for affordable STNA classes in Columbus, OH. Besides STNA training, you can take courses in:

  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG Technician
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Home Health Care
  • Nurse Assistant Training
  • Communicable Disease
  • Child Abuse

Situated in the Columbus, OH area, Ultimate Health Care Solutions is here to assist anyone who wants to confidently change his or her life by giving STNA training in the home healthcare industry. Contact us and see why we are the top ranked STNA training school in Ohio.

We accurately train and educate individuals as state tested nursing assistants (STNA) and includes complete nurse assistant training. By having this level of STNA training, you’re now much better prepared in taking on the difficult job market in Ohio and anywhere else.

You won’t find another Columbus, OH health care training school that provides top quality in-house nurse assistant training classes, home health aide training, and CPR/AED classes.

We’re the best provider of STNA training in Columbus, our courses are created for students with or without prior medical experience who are intent on embarking on a career in the health care industry. Our goal is to provide outstanding and affordable STNA training courses and affordable home health care training courses in the Columbus, OH area and all of Franklin County.

It is our objective to train proficient, caring individuals who are alert to the needs of their patients, their families, and the Columbus, OH community. All students will meet the State of Ohio training and educational requirements. This gives our students the education to receive a competitive compensation, be a part of an inviting work environment, and have knowledgeable, trustworthy direction.

At UHCS, you’re much more than just a student. You’re a health care professional in training. This is why we provide a full range of healthcare training courses in high-demand career fields that offer short-term training. Simply put, we offer you the knowledge and skills needed for employment. We update our programs often to meet the needs of employers and the requirements in the current job market.

We strive to achieve excellence in nurse assistant training. Our aim is to deliver excellence in educating you in nursing theory, ethics, and practice. We create health care professionals who exhibit principles of compassion, integrity, and competence to give positively to the incredible health care industry.

In just days, you can begin an exciting new career in the health field as an STNA.

Let UHCS give you the tools you need to thrive in this demanding and worthwhile field. These courses, approved by the Ohio Department of Health, will be on basic nursing skills and will be offered through the use of textbook, lectures, and handout materials and demonstrations. At Ultimate Health Care Solutions, skills are proven and practiced in a supervised clinical environment and laboratory setting.

Over 25 percent of today’s population are people who will require assisted care or long-term care within the next 15 years. That’s a lot of STNAs and other health care professionals. STNA’s employed in the US represent over 1 million jobs and is anticipated to increase with the next 10 years, quicker than the average for all other career fields. Due to the increasing elderly population, many nurse assistants will be required in long-term care facilities.

Where you take your STNA classes is critically important when it comes to your victory on the state test and in the job force. UHCS offers just the right balance of lab practice, lecture, and clinical experience to guarantee you get a passing grade. We are committed to our students and we want you to not only receive your Ohio STNA certification, we want to see you shine in your career! Our staff is polite, helpful, and qualified. STNA courses with us are your top choice for certified nursing assistant training in Columbus.

Whether you want to get into a new field or increase your knowledge, we have the health care course for you in nursing assistance or CPR certification.

Our curriculum gives you clinical training and comprehensive theory necessary for you to get the skills and knowledge to effectively finish the program and you will be able to sit for the state examination.

We have an innovative concept as it offers a mutual commitment between the student and instructor.

  • A devotion to offering you comprehensive theory and clinical training necessary to get the knowledge and skills that are required in the healthcare environment
  • A devotion to building interpersonal skills for working with others effectively
  • A dedication to offering basic tools and the accompanying skills so that issues in your performance can be recognized
  • A devotion to implant in our students a new level of self-assurance and the ability to use compassion in taking care of others
  • A devotion to offering curriculum which gives instructions to obtain knowledge and skills to meet the Ohio Department of Health requirements
  • A dedication to sustaining a high level of reliability while helping you get career opportunities

We welcome the chance to speak with you and show you a learning experience that will enhance the quality of your life and help you to be successful in your chosen career.

UHCS is committed to brilliance and quality service. The most vital aspects of our school’s mission are to provide top-quality programs to students of all ages and to nurture students to get the success of their specific career. Therefore, our Ohio healthcare training school puts vital importance to excellence in teaching. We believe that education makes it all.

Unique to our goal is the two unique characteristics of community partnership and diversity. Because of our location in the Columbus, OH area, our school serves an area which is varied in culture, age, race, and language. This diversity, an imperative asset, means that provided programs use these numerous perspectives to enhance the teachings. For you, we implant a new level of confidence and the ability to use any personal care experiences in preparing you on how to interact with patients from various cultures that make up our society.

The above statement is our motto and our mission. To try and achieve this, we begin with a solid program base using skilled instructions and guidance from an experienced staff. We also have small class sizes which manage to create a better learning experience for you and more chance for one-on-one instruction if and when you need the extra help.

Our intention is to complete this process with a highly trained individual, one who’s a compassionate and kind caregiver, not just another one of our graduates. Our courses and staff are ready to provide you with the necessary tools to become just that, whether it be home care, doctor’s office, nursing home, or hospital. We realize you need and can be the best in your field.

We have brought together an extremely experienced and educated staff. Combined, they represent over 45 years of expertise in the health care industry. You won’t find another Columbus, Ohio healthcare training school that is more devoted to its student and their success than UHCS. When it comes to our students, we believe that when you succeed, we succeed. Your personal growth as a student and a human being are important to us.

All our health care courses are instructed by state licensed health care professionals with years of experience. Even our staff are individuals who have spent many years in the healthcare sector and as medical professionals, whether it’s nursing, home health care, or lab technicians. We want to share our knowledge and skills with you so you can start a new amazing career in health care, whether you want to become an STNA, phlebotomist, or a personal aide. If you are ready to take your life to an exciting new level in the healthcare sector, get in touch with Ultimate Health Care Solutions.

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