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We believe the best “advertising” comes from our students (both past and present). Below are just some of the testimonials they have given us.

From: J. Sneed
I took the STNA classes at Ultimate Health Care Solutions. Although it was difficult working 8 hours shifts then coming to class the staff was very understanding and helpful. I feel confident as I begin my new journey as a STNA.

From: T. Williamson
I have been a home health aide for several years and wanted to change careers. Ultimate Health Care Solutions offers the help you need. I’m in the phlebotomy class and the teachers are hands-on. I am leaning everything I need to pass my certification test.

From: C. Conley
This school was amazing in considering work schedules by offering am and pm hours. I work from 8 am till 3 pm. I was able to attend evening classes. The instructors were very clear in explaining subjects in detail.

From: B. Muhammed
I have a language barrier. The instructors were great in bringing the lectures where I was able to understand the materials and passed all my tests. I am happy that I successfully completed this course.

From: P. Arafat
The instructors are patient and understanding. They were very encouraging. I had a lot of road blocks and the instructors worked with me one-on-one to make sure that I graduated with my class.

From: T. Bannerman
I want to thank Ultimate Health Care for all of the help given to me to pass the class. I had to have make up hours due to a family emergency. The instructors were understanding and hands on with helping me to achieve my STNA certificate.

From: T. Poe
I appreciate the instructors for breaking the information down to a level of understanding that I needed to comprehend the materials. I will forever be grateful.

From: Y. Ruffin
I learned a lot, and had a great time in class. The instructors made learning fun. It was also nice to meet a lot of great people in class.