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Intended for supervisors, safety personnel, emergency response teams, people needing certification, or the general public, our CPR/First Aid/AED course teaches how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants, children, and adults. Students also learn to identify and care for bleeding, prevent disease transmission, and treat for sudden injury and illness. You’ll learn competent life-saving knowledge and skills that can help save a life since it can take paramedics over 10 minutes after 911 is called.

Knowing appropriate action to perform in an emergency until medical professionals arrive is crucial in saving lives. Our course is a good selection whether you are a student in one of our other health care training programs or not. Our instructors use various methods for teaching skills in this course.

State tested nursing aides training in Columbus, Ohio and supplementary training in oxygen administration, blood-borne pathogens, and injury prevention can be included in CPR and first aid training to have you prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

CPR/First Aid/AED Training Goals

Below are the desired goals of our CPR, first aid, and AED classes

  • First aid training includes all the basics, such as sudden injury and illness, breathing emergencies, and stopping transmission of diseases
  • Having a First Aid Quick Guide for fast reference
  • Nationally accepted course completion cards

Ultimate Health Care Solutions, Inc. provides first aid and CPR courses designed to give you the assurance to help in any emergencies with techniques that can save lives. We strive to provide affordable and exceptional CPR/First Aid classes, whether you want courses like “first aid for child care providers” or “basic life support for healthcare providers.”

Our Ohio CPR and first aid instructors are competent, well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of our students and the community we serve. To us, having the skills to care for those in need is more than providing CPR or first aid. It is empathetically caring for the people around you if ever your help is required. Furthermore, it’s knowing what to do.

Other Courses

We also offer these daily courses:

  • Communicable Disease
  • Child Abuse

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