EKG Technician

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What is an EKG Technician

An electrocardiogram technician, commonly referred to as an EKG technician, is a crucial member of the healthcare team. EKG technicians work closely with technologists and doctors in varied healthcare facilities with their core role being conducting EKG (electrocardiogram) tests for patients. EKG machines are used to monitor the performance of a patient’s heart.

After receiving EKG training, you are allowed to take the National Health Career Association exam. Passing this exam gets you certified and becoming a CET (certified EKG technician).

A CET qualification will assist you in having a successful career and also give you the chance in making a difference in peoples’ lives. Regardless if you decide to work full-time or part-time, you can’t exhaust the healthcare field opportunities. With a certificate in EKG training, you can also enroll for state tested nursing assistant or phlebotomy classes. Cross training in several health care fields is encouraged. The more certifications you have, the better your chances in the healthcare industry.

As the aging population in the US rises, there’s a huge need for EKG technicians. Also, the advancement of imaging technology in the healthcare industry implies that more hospitals and medical facilities will use EKGs instead of invasive procedures that are very pricey. You can create a career for yourself with mastery of the concepts and skills required of this specialized field in health care.

EKG Technicians play a vital role in collecting the diagnostic information that medical professionals rely on to give patients the correct treatment plan.

The Roles of an EKG Technician

EKG rhythms are critical in gathering data for diagnosing a heart condition. Certified EKG technicians have the pertinent credentials to do all tasks pertaining to EKGs, including stress testing and heart rate monitoring. These specific tests can be performed when you suspect heart problems or when preparing for a surgical procedure.  Also, EKG technician can arrange appointments and transcribe the analyses of a doctor.

It takes a well-trained technician with impeccable attention to detail to do and read an EKG correctly. Due to this, EKG technicians bring true worth to the cardiology team and can create a name for themselves with mastery of the skills and concepts necessary to this specialized field of healthcare.

With our EKG technician training, students take part in patient care issues such as data collection and detailed content outline for the certification examination for EKG technicians. Moreover, quality assurance and professional standards are covered. EKG technicians must be able to identify anything on an EKG readout that might be a “red flag” for a potential heart problem.

The field of cardiology is an inspiring, high-demanding career field where EKG technicians have the chance to work with medical teams and patients to help in the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. EKG technicians have a vital role in collecting the analytical information that physicians rely on to give patients accurate treatment. Since these diagnostics are so critical, Ultimate Health Care Solutions, Inc. has set up a rigorous curriculum created to give our students comprehensive EKG training.

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